ye shobhaa nai deta ;)

The name is Serena, but the thought of playing against her hardly brings any serenity to her opponents. After all playing against someone who has 36 career titles to her credit is no cakewalk. When she is in action one can see the skill and power developed through years of discipline and slogging on the court. But all this fails to catch our intellectual writer-cum-fashionista Shobhaa De's attention because she is too busy noticing Serena's "lady corsets, diamond danglers, deep cleavage and neon color". Tch-tch too bad Shobhaa ma'am. How could any woman encroach upon the prerogative of being successful, beautiful, rich and stylish(in her own way) when it is exclusively reserved for you? Must have felt so vindicated in gleefully tweeting that Serena's ouster "serves her right"?After all the pleasure of writing off a star like Serena must be much greater than writing about IPL cheerleaders' "fannies". It is also much more fun than enlightening your readers about the character (or lack of it) of Sunanda Pushkar and "such women" who dare to look good and do well professionally. Come on Shobhaa ma'am worry no more because Serena might have lost but you have won hands down. None of these women are any match for you because your language gets more vulgar than the vulgarities (real or imagined) you comment upon.


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