Ad Sense Minus Sensibility!

Cricket is to India what soccer is to half of the world. Its not that we don't love the Beautiful game but an India-Srilanka final definitely takes precedence over an Italy-Slovakia game. So while the world was getting its headache from the vuvuzelas we discovered our very own vuvuzela, with a much higher irritation quotient, in Neo Cricket's ad sense. It was not a case of ads between the match but the other way round and when they did show the match half of the screen was still filled with ads! Fine, its understood that ads come up after wickets fall. wickets fall-we cheer-players cheer-enthused commentary follows which is music or molten lava to the ears depending upon your loyalties-and then finally the ads come. But no! Not so with Neo Cricket. Say if there is a chance of a catch out. The ball is in the air-the fielder positions himself-the ball barely touches his hands-God forbid but you blink-and there is Shahid kapoor selling you a fairness cream! Its only after the players and the score ticker refill half the screen that you get to know whether the catch was safely taken or dropped. As if irritating throughout the match wasn't enough they denied us even the final victory celebrations rendering the whole experience totally mechanical. Sports viewing is way more about emotions than its about technicalities. Taking emotions away from it is like taking sugar out of sugarcane. If you think you can sell a sugarcane by taking the sugar out and plastering the cane with glittering paint then you are nuts or Neo Cricket.


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