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A 'Talk' One 'Listened' To

Well , it has been really long since I wrote and some dear friends have been very disappointed to see nothing  new on my blog for quite some time now. Frankly, when people start asking about your next post you start thinking of coming up with something really good. You wait for that right idea to strike a chord with you so that you start penning down your thoughts effortlessly.  Its not like no idea struck me in these past months. In fact I had some very enriching experiences in my first year in a B-school, some ideas absolutely worth sharing but blame it on my bad time management that I didn’t write. Today, however, I am not attempting to come up with something really good or impressive. Nothing too creative or witty or sarcastic. I am just writing to share this one idea that moved me deeply. In the first year it was mandatory for us to attend the several talks that the college kept organizing almost every other day. So one sat through (read slept through) CEO talks, expert talks, gu…