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P for positive, P for Pintoo :)

I wonder if there ever was a time in history when the mantra of optimism was so bandied about as it is these days. From books to talk shows to SMSes and of course movies, everywhere the ‘think positive’ drum is being beaten with such enthusiasm that even the staunchest pessimist would have felt inclined to say “all is well” at least once. It seems as if these three words are panacea for all the problems in the world. But it is easier said than done because my heart needed a great deal of  wheedling to believe that all was well when I saw a little finger sized, creepy, olive green lizard on my bedroom window. No amount of shooing from me or my mom could shoo it off. Even my mom’s tried and tested trick of hitting the area around it with a stick failed to budge it and it remained still as if dead. Mom gave up and returned to her chores. I tried to continue studying but found myself with book in hands and eyes on the motionless creepo. What did it think it was, Snoopy or what!! Now, snoo…