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Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow

"Bhartiya Hockey Ka Satyanash"...The newspaper carried this headline in extra large font and in red color about a year or so back when the Indian hockey team failed to qualify for the world cup. Our ever so righteous media, both print and electronic, expressed their indignation on the current state of our national sport in the highest decibels possible. The only comfort was that at least  for once they were doing full page features and hour long reports on any sport other than cricket or soccer(lucky only when the world cup is on). The over the top anchors chided the politicians(everybody's favorite punch bag and often deservedly so), the sports federations and the players for all that was wrong. Cut to now, in May the team won the Azlan Shah tournament and in July the team won a series in Belgium drubbing the hosts 6-0 in the last game. Given the consternation our media saints displayed at the team's failure one would have thought them to come up with similar exuber…