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I, An Egoist

You can call me an atheist Not a non-believer but an egoist I have my own religion I worship human volition The mind and its ambitions And their hard-earned realizations
You ask me to show humility Bow down before the Almighty It is my quest for excellence That you’ve mistaken for impudence The worst breach of piety Is succumbing to mediocrity
You call God by different names Then go on to play those filthy games Games of ‘My God is the best’ ‘My faith is superior to the rest’ This is what I intensely detest Wake up now and introspect
You sing in God’s praise everyday For success and recognition you pray And the minute calamity strikes You blame the Almighty in a trice Time now to accept this reality You are your own responsibility
You see, towards any faith I don’t intend any disrespect But ever wondered where is your ‘I’ Think, it is worth giving a try The day you try and find it out You would have done your God proud