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"Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings…" I could not agree more with this part of Wordsworth’s definition of poetry. At times you sit all prepared with a pen and notebook and words simply don’t come while there are times when you are either ecstatic or extremely hurt and words seem to flow out of nowhere shaping into a poem. If you are ecstatic the ecstasy multiplies as you pen the verse while if you are grim the pain recedes as the joy of poetry takes over.
I wrote the following poem as I revelled in the pleasure of reading some really great stuff. 
Is there anything more amazing Than the divine joy of reading? With every book I feel I grow So much to learn, so much to know I’ve travelled the world on these pages Through different cultures, times and ages Engrossed in some awesome creations I've run the gamut of emotions Known characters of every kind Peeked inside the human mind Seen the past , gone in history Tried to unlock future’s mystery Attempted to fathom …

An Introduction

Hi..well I guess I am supposed to give an introduction but I really don't know how to descibe myself or my blog..because tomorrow I may learn something new and the definitions may change..still this is what comes to my mind right now..

A li'l good, a li'l bad A li'l grown up, a li'l childish heart Looking for shapes in a cloud Heard a message, clear and loud The shape changes in an instant Nothing stays, only change is constant Don't get me wrong, i am not fickle I am just complicatedly simple But isn't it the case with everything? Who can claim to be all-knowing? Therein lies the joy of living The endless quest of discovering So in my quest to discover further I decided to become a blogger..