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“I am a Literature graduate”. Every time I am asked to say something about myself, be it in an interview or elsewhere, this is usually the first thing I say about myself.  I do not say this to merely describe my qualification. They say that apart from your family and the society that you grow up in, schools play an important role in moulding your personality. I am sure they do but the way three years of Literature has shaped my personality I consider it nothing less than a part of my identity.  “Literature is not just verse and prose. It will take you on a ride of History, Sociology, Psychology and other different streams as well. Are you ready for it?” I still remember our HOD’s words on the day of my interview for the course.  “I am absolutely looking forward to it”, I said without fully understanding what he meant. But as I moved from one semester to the next I started comprehending the meaning of his words. Literature of any era is a reflection of life and society and everything w…