Here's an attempt at writing a sonnet...however it doesn't follow the conventional structure..purists stay away from my blog...haha

A queer coexistence
Doubts with confidence
Gloom with exuberance
Chatter with silence
Both real, none pretense

A smile so ecstatic
Yet at times, so plastic
A moment full of magic
One with zero logic
Like others yet maverick

Define yourself, they say
A funny question, you see
You too feel this way
Or is it just me?


  1. great.. so simpe yet elegant
    good work Dudette.. keep it up

  2. chotu ka chota sa poem..gud h\gud..humko bhi likhna sikhaona!! :)

  3. Girl, I am in total love of the way you think...Inspirational it is, you know..
    Let me define you in a sonnet of two lines:
    Pretty n Piety,
    Smart n Sexy,
    Chick you are,
    Ahh soo lovely....


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