Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow

"Bhartiya Hockey Ka Satyanash"...The newspaper carried this headline in extra large font and in red color about a year or so back when the Indian hockey team failed to qualify for the world cup. Our ever so righteous media, both print and electronic, expressed their indignation on the current state of our national sport in the highest decibels possible. The only comfort was that at least  for once they were doing full page features and hour long reports on any sport other than cricket or soccer(lucky only when the world cup is on). The over the top anchors chided the politicians(everybody's favorite punch bag and often deservedly so), the sports federations and the players for all that was wrong. Cut to now, in May the team won the Azlan Shah tournament and in July the team won a series in Belgium drubbing the hosts 6-0 in the last game. Given the consternation our media saints displayed at the team's failure one would have thought them to come up with similar exuberance at these victories. Considering their nature there was nothing wrong in imagining extra bold headlines like "Chak dia India" and hour long reports with the "chak de" song playing in the playground. well, all of this does happen when our cricket team wins. But nothing of this sort happened. In fact these victories passed almost unnoticed. The mouths that could not stop censuring seemed frozen when it came to encouraging. Its amazing how these dutiful sages who keep reminding everyone of their duties turn so forgetful while dispensing their own duties. They can't do a story on the team's victory but they can do a 2 hour long feature and a front page report-continued-on the inner pages on the oh-so-respectable and worthy Rahul Mahajan's domestic violence achievements. God!! they even got laptop brandishing astrologers to enlighten us on Rahul's marriage's future. How meticulous, huh!! Its high time someone showed red light to stop the rise of yellow journalism which dishes out utter rubbish in the form of news. And the alibi of audience demand doesn't hold water. No one wants to be continuously bombarded with cacophonous negativity.  How else do we explain the success of movies with positivity with their underlying theme? There is no dearth of great stories to fill in the slots of 24 hour channels. One only needs to look for them. Instead of crying out all the time "kya aap jante hai apne desh mein kis kis tarah k jurm hote hai" why not ask " Do you know despite minimal exposure and encouragement that triple jump receives in our country, Shraddha Ghule won the gold for India deafeating contestants double her size in the Commonwealth Youth Games" ? Wouldn't it be  a pleasant departure from the incessant cribbing? I am sure I am not the only one sick with this cribbing. Recently Shahrukh Khan tweeted, "saw the news.scandals,skeletons,underhand deals, fixings, killings, terrorism.makes me wonder is the world bad or v just want to watch bad?" Where even Shahrukh's sneeze has the potential of becoming "breaking news" this tweet was ignored by our yellow fellows. Ignorance is bliss, right indolent yellows?


  1. nice one babu..u shud be a natinal newspaper reporter...:)

  2. good one...keep going. At this rate shobha dey bhi piche ho jayegi

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  4. @prateep...thanks babu..but not a editorial columnist..watsay :)
    @tuhina..hey heroine..thanks :)
    @kirti..thanks frustoo :) but u kno na not shobhaa aunty..i wanna write like jug suraiya uncle :)

  5. brilliant work kidu :) keep going and ivy league is nt far :):)


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