An Introduction

Hi..well I guess I am supposed to give an introduction but I really don't know how to descibe myself or my blog..because tomorrow I may learn something new and the definitions may change..still this is what comes to my mind right now..

A li'l good, a li'l bad
A li'l grown up, a li'l childish heart
Looking for shapes in a cloud
Heard a message, clear and loud
The shape changes in an instant
Nothing stays, only change is constant
Don't get me wrong, i am not fickle
I am just complicatedly simple
But isn't it the case with everything?
Who can claim to be all-knowing?
Therein lies the joy of living
The endless quest of discovering
So in my quest to discover further
I decided to become a blogger..


  1. thank u tuka for letting me post the first comment on ur lovely's really gud...keep on updating it..m looking forward for more of ur creations!!

  2. kyun be meri site pe to comment nahi kiya aaj tak....chalo kahin to comment karta hai...!!/...
    waise nice blog....haan to ye sahi hai....!!

  3. waah kya blog hai....kya color hai.....kya kavita hai....
    are haan...
    to waah...
    to haan....
    haan to ye bilkul sahi hai....!!

  4. thanks everybody:)..special mention for AJ..what a coloful comment..huh :) time a simple one will do..hehe

  5. gud one ....... keep discovering urself so dat we can read more of u........ :)

  6. nice..yar
    i dnt noe u ppl are sooo talented!!
    keep it up!!!
    its really amazing

  7. i alwayz knew this..amazing blog...keep going kiddu :)

  8. yaar tu poetry hi lhik:)i really liked d last lines

  9. @ arshia, sneha, kirti..thanku :)

  10. @ raghvendra..thanks..i wish i could appreciate ur poetry..but ur poems made me realize m pathetic at hindi..:(..neway keep up da gud work.

  11. as u said that u r not much comfortable in hindi, in d same way, i m also a naive in english, and really i want to improve that at any cost. and after seeing ur writings,i can say that u really have a good hand with words. so i must appreciate you. Unfortunately i m currently an engineering student dealing with the physical world. My inner choice was literature, which is now getting far away. but i still love these things.
    And since i have little bit idea about hindi literature, so One book (that is a fiction) i must recommend "GUNAAHON KA DEVTA" written by Dharmveer Bharti. I am pretty sure that you would like it. this is one of the best book for our age-group I've ever seen. this time u don't have to flip to back. I hope you must have read this book.
    Enjoy reading and writing...:)

  12. @raghvendra...thanks for the suggestion..will try to read it asap :)

  13. it,s goodness lies in it's simplicity.
    waah! kya bat hai...


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